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Drones refer to autonomous vehicles used by riggers. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are usually described by yet another set of stats and rules. As for hacking and cyberware, let's see how we can streamline those!

Body augmentations

Like Hacking, cyberwares fit both in the theme and the mechanics of a cyberpunk ttrpg:

  • They raise questions about the perils of technology and about the sense of self-identity
  • They allow for crazy character aesthetics
  • They provide interesting customization options for PCs as well as NPCs

The resistance

I still need to read more cyberpunk material to get more baggage. That said I also want to explore various categories of rebels using the same method as in the previous post: look at the real world and exaggerate.

Player clusters

In the two previous posts, I have looked at some issues with common cyberpunk settings and worked a bit on a streamlined hacking system.

Looking at this system, I said that there was to competing tracks: the attacker pushing to reach his goal and the target noticing and then locating him. Looking at the details I think I can extract a third track: the amount of trails left by the attacker.

While the two first tracks are scoped for the current hacking attempt, this third one is tied to the player. The probability of being identified is linked to all traces left over all hacking attempt. It is similar to the "heat" system in Blades in the Dark: a value describing at the same how much other faction want your head and how likely they are to get it.

The society we live in

I really like the direction taken by the last post about the heat system and bond level in a cyberpunk ttrpg game. Lets go over some tropes about a cyberpunk society. I am not being subtle for the sake of fleshing out the main characteristics of the theme.