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The resistance

I still need to read more cyberpunk material to get more baggage. That said I also want to explore various categories of rebels using the same method as in the previous post: look at the real world and exaggerate.

What are the "rebels" of our world:

  • Marginals. Hobos that survive in the corner of society. They barely survive on the scraps. They don't have a particular goal apart from survival. They remind the normal workers that something is not going right in the world. For this reason they face more and more oppositions from the police.

  • External autonomous communities aka intentional communities. Examples include the East Wind Community and Nomadelfia. They are united around a set of values. Those are bigger groups, less visible are more organized compared to the marginals. They rarely have any impact on the rest of the world. Corporations dislike them because of what they represent. Those communities can also block the access to some natural resources.

  • Political activists. They live in the system to some extent but are fighting against it. They are also united around an ideology. Contrary to the external autonomous communities, political activists are trying to change the rest of the society. They may use different means of actions, but they can never stay 100% legal. Corporations hate them for their actions and what they represent.

  • Chaos agents. Those people just want to see the system burn. They are using the word "system" as loosely as I am in these posts: anything that relates to the dominant social organization. Maybe they have some deeper ideology but it is less important now. The only thing that matters is "how do we fuck things up as efficiently as possible". They have become professionals in their fields. They probably used to belong to another group and were radicalized because of some unsettling events or maybe just for the thrill of action. They often join forces with other groups on specific operations. They might even help a corporation against another one in some rare cases.

I feel we have enough with those four groups. Where should the player belong? I am rather convinced that they should live in the last one.

  • it provides more flexibility for the story.
  • it leads to harder dilemmas

The only issue is getting the player to buy in this new identity. A new player should have little doubt that he on the good side of history. After a few sessions? not so much. In fight club the story gets away so easily with blowing up multiple buildings without any casualties. Don't make the same mistake if your players want to solve their problems with C4.