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Factions of Iberium

A good faction network serves multiple purpose.

  • It outlines the world they live in. Who are those people? What do they do?
  • It creates a crucible that allows you to generate conflicts. And conflicts create interesting stories.

Let's have a look at the factions of the frozen colony!

Factions of Iberium

I have participated to a west march campaign in a cyberpunk setting. I now want to explore how could I do the same with the frozen colony setting.

Welcome to the frozen colony

This post expands upon the previous one. The introduction to the setting should be like a funnel but instead of going in a dungeon, the player are trying to survive the first night. The harsh realities should be delivered as a punch in the face. In the Lair of the lamb the opening scene has a monster coming at the PCs and eat one of them. This should feel the same here.

Custom setting - the frozen colony

Frostpunk is a town management set in a frozen world. The town is built around a furnace and you have to carefully manage the heat distribution in order to survive. I haven't played it, but the promotional material gave me a "Blades in the dark" vibe. I like BitD but it is a bit too gonzo for me. I wanted to design a fairly grounded setting based on Frostpunk. Ghost may exist but are not a constant threat for everybody.